Pilot training course for flights in reduced vertical separation MINIMUM (RVSM) zones

Already in the late 80-ies of the last century, it became clear that the constant growth of air traffic poses a serious problem for the world civil aviation, namely, an acute shortage of air space.

ICAO has developed a concept to reduce vertical separation intervals in upper airspace between fl290 and FL410 from 2000 feet to 1000 feet. This concept is called RVSM (Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum).

Since 2000, there has been a massive shift to RVSM intervals around the world. By 2005, the RVSM system was already installed in almost the entire European region and the Western hemisphere. To date, all ICAO member countries have installed RVSM in their airspace between the fl290 and FL410 levels. China, Mongolia and North Korea stand out, which refused to switch to a foot-high altitude measurement system, but nevertheless introduced RVSM in meters.

To perform flights using RVSM separation, flight crew members must undergo special training, and aircraft must have the appropriate permission to fly in RVSM space issued by the aviation authorities of the country to the operators and the appropriate serviceable equipment.

the program for training aviation personnel to fly in the zones of reduced minimum vertical separation intervals RVSM has been developed in the AC "SKY" in accordance with international and national documents that regulate the procedures and rules for performing flights in these air spaces (zones). The program concerns one-time training for specialists who have a valid certificate of pilot, Navigator, onboard radio operator.

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