Courses for the study of aviation rules and disciplines online

Aviation center "SKY" is certified by the CAA of Ukraine according to EASA standards.

The aviation center «SKY» is an organization certified for compliance with aviation regulations PART-147. The main goal of our technical training center is to provide a high level of training for each student. Our own base for maintenance of the most modern aircraft allows us to demonstrate the most modern technologies during training, which provides us with an advanced position in the field of training of aviation personnel.

Aviation center «SKY» aims to prepare professional technical staff with an excellent level of knowledge for effective work in domestic and foreign companies.

Seven reasons why you should choose the Aviation center «SKY»

If you want to be trained in aviation rules and disciplines, but you do not have time for regular attendance of classes-you can take a course remotely, which will save Your time. It should be noted that online training is not inferior in quality to standard training in classrooms.

Course “Supplement 1, (Part-M) to the Aviation regulations of Ukraine (Basic course)” (Part-M. basic course);

Course “Rules for issuing certificates to aircraft maintenance personnel” (Part-66);

Course “Supplement 2, (Part-145) to the Aviation regulations of Ukraine (Basic course)” (Part-145. Basic course);

Course “Rules of approval of the organization for preparation for maintenance” (Part-147);

Course “safety of fuel tanks.” FTS (FUEL TANK SAFETY) Level 1;

Course “safety of fuel tanks.” FTS (FUEL TANK SAFETY) Level 1 + Level 2;

Course “Maintenance of electrical wiring systems” (EWIS Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems);

Course “Human factor in the operation of aircraft ” (HUMAN FACTORS (HF), Basic course);

Course “Aviation legislation ” (Aviation Legislation);

Course "Rules of Ukraine, Part-21 "Certification of aircraft, related products, part and appliances, as well design and production organizations" (General Course)".

Contact us if you decide to become a specialist. We are always happy to help you.

for training please contact us by e-mail: or by phone +38 044 337 10 18. Applications for training should be sent to the specified e-mail.