Aircraft Maintenance

Basic and linear maintenance of the Boeing 737, Airbus-A320 and Falcon 7x aircraft in Ukraine




Base Maintenance

Line Maintenance


Airbus А319/320/321
(CFM 56)

Above 750 FH,750 FC, 4 MO

Up to and including 750FH, 750FC, 4MO
Defect rectification, component change

Airbus А319/320/321

Above 750 FH,750 FC, 4 MO

Up to and including 750FH, 750FC, 4MO
Defect rectification, component change

Boeing 737-300/400/500
(CFM 56)

Above 250 FH

Up to 250FH
Defect rectification, component change

Boeing 737-600/700/800/900
(CFM 56)

Above 750 FH

Up to 750FH
Defect rectification, component change

Falcon 7X
(PWC PW307A)

Up to 300FH
Defect rectification, component change




Maintenance Level



ESM minor repairs
Major Modules removal/installation
HPC top case repair
Fan and Booster module removal/installation
No.1 and No.2 bearing support module removal/installation
Fan disk removal/installation
Borescope Inspection
Components removal/installation
Modifications IAW Service Bulletins




Maintenance Level


53, 54, 57.10, 57.20, 57.30

ВIn accordance with the SRM


Kind of activity


Specialized Maintenance Level

Non Destructive Testing

Liquid Penetrant Testing (РТ)

Magnetic Particle Testing (МТ)

Eddy Current Testing(ET)

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

In accordance with the Non-Destructive Testing Manual

Aircraft Weighing

Airbus А319/320/321 (CFM 56)

Airbus А319/320/321 (V2500)

Boeing 737-300/400/500 (CFM 56)

Boeing 737-600/700/800/900 (CFM 56)

Falcon 7X (PWC PW307A)

In accordance with the AMM

Engine Borescope Inspection






In accordance with the AMM

What kind of maintenance work on aircraft are performed at Sky Aviation Center?

Is it necessary to conduct basic or linear maintenance of Boeing, Airbus or Falcon in Ukraine? Sky Aviation Center deals with issues and repairs of Boeing, Airbus and Falcon planes at airports in Kiev and Kharkov.

Sky is carrying out maintenance work on Boeing 737, Airbus-A320 and Falcon 7x aircraft. Now on the market, these are the most popular types of aircraft. They are in great demand among both carriers and passengers.

We perform operational and basic maintenance at approved line stations. At the moment we have two bases that are equipped with the necessary equipment and have the appropriate approval, these are: Kharkiv International Airport, Boryspil International Airport and Zhuliany International Airport.

Our company is not the first year engaged in the maintenance of aircraft. Due to the fact that we are constantly updating equipment, following all technical trends and introducing them to work, we can perform any kind of periodic maintenance, including replacing the engine, replacing the chassis, replacing any units, performing work on special types of repair.

Our employees are professionals who have extensive experience and do not actually make mistakes. We are confident in our work and give a guarantee for everything we do. Sky Aviation Center is proud of the fact that for all its existence we have not been a single guarantee claim. All work is done efficiently and on time.

Our main customers are, naturally, airline companies, but individuals also turn to us. In order to order maintenance (basic or linear), you can contact us through your representative to discuss all the details.

Our hangars allow maintenance in any weather. Specialists have a special form, for the summer and for the winter, i.e. feel comfortable when doing work. They are equipped with all the necessary tools to perform these works.

On this we do not stop. The company "Sky" is constantly evolving and improving. We buy new equipment to meet international standards and to do our job with high quality. Our specialists are constantly improving their skills, undergo training and retraining on the basis of our training center. We ourselves monitor the qualifications of our specialists, who constantly improve their knowledge, and together with knowledge, so-called experience increases.