Aviation centre «SKY»

Aviation centre "SKY" declares a set on training courses under the new program "The System of safety management (SMS). Basic course", 12 hours, 2 days.


Can take online at the website and stationary (at the request of the customer) for the following personnel involved in the field of civil aviation:
- airlines,
- airports,
- organizations of maintenance service,
- training centres,
- developers of aviation technology.

In the AC «SKY», recruitment of students to study groups for the following types of training continues

Theoretical and practical preparation element:

Theoretical and practical preparation element TRITECH

TRITECH organizes full EASA Part-66 Basic Training Cat. B1.1 course for technicians-mechanics
Duration: 2,5 month.
Language: Russian/Ukrainian/English

Duration: 2.5 months. Language: Russian/Ukrainian/English

After the completion of these theoretical elements of the training, the corresponding practical elements of the training will be organized.

Permanent recruitment to aviation security training courses.

On June the month of 2020 there are still empty seats. Send your application to our email address info@skyavia.com.ua with your contact phone number or fill out an application the course that interests you in the Services » Training » Aviation Security.

  • One-day (6 hours) course "Primary Aviation Security Training".
  • Three-day (18 hours) course "Training (advanced training) of the engineering and technical personnel on aviation security".
  • A three-day (18 hours) course "Training (advanced training) in aviation safety of pilots".
  • A three-day (18 hours) course "Training (advanced training) in aviation safety of cabin crew members (flight attendants)".

Simultaneously with the formation of groups, according to the schedule, we continue to accept applications for planning the following types of preparations:

  • Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM56 & IAEV2500), category B1.1/B2 – theory;
  • Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM56 & IAEV2500), Category B1.1 – practice;
  • Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM56 & IAEV2500), Category C.

Starting dates for these types of training will be determined after reaching the minimum required number of applicants.

The theoretical elements of training are held in the auditoriums of the AC « SKY » to the address: Kiev, Vito-Litovsky lane, house 15, 3rd floor. Practical elements of the training are held at the international Kharkiv » airport.

For non-resident students, we can offer addresses and phone numbers of potential landlords of apartments:

  • at the time of the theoretical element of training - located in the area of ​​our office;
  • for the period of the practical element of the training, located near the airport of Kharkov

For all students who undergo theoretical training, on request, meals can be arranged (lunch, dinner - home cooking).

Anyone who wants to join the group of emerging groups, please submit the appropriate application to the e-mail: mto@skyavia.com.ua . Application forms are on the main page of the site skyavia.com.ua , in the tab: Services » Staff Training » Technical Staff » preparation and retraining for aircraft type .

AC «SKY» is approved by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in accordance with Part 145 and Part 147, that gives possibility to provide wide range of high quality services on Boeing 737 Classic and New Generation and Airbus A320 family maintenance and continuing airworthiness.

Our facilities in two locations are available for base and line maintenance of your aircraft. One maintenance base is located at Kharkiv International Airpot (Ukraine) and another is at Borispol International Airpot (Ukraine).

Zhuliany International Airport - we will be able to efficiently perform linear maintenance on your aircraft.

Also we propose wide range of aviation personnel training. Our training centre can hold aircraft type training and specialized training for aviation personnel.

Specialists from our team and also invited experts may provide you assistance and consult on any aviation issue that is covered by our competency.

If you did not manage to find the answer on your question on our internet site or you are willing to get information about our services in details, please contact us by email info@skyavia.com.ua, by the means of backup form in section contacts or by a phone +38(044)337-17-75, +38(044)337-17-18.