Periodic training in general aviation disciplines

Sky Aviation Center holds periodic flight crew trainings in general aviation disciplines:

The real professionals who constantly improve their knowledge and skills work in our center.

Why the periodic training of pilots in general aviation disciplines is necessary?

Aviation is quite complicated area of ​​knowledge. As in any other business, in order to always remain the best, one of the main conditions is that, you need to constantly learn and develop. The technical process does not stand still. Constant innovations, changes, improvements concern both a theoretical component, and practical and legal. This all makes us move on.

If you want to achieve something else, then you definitely need to constantly explore new trends. If you want to move further and higher in the area that you are engaged in, then you need constantly to learn something new in this area. This is the only way to succeed.

For training questions, please contact us by email: or by phone +38 044 337 17 18.