Remote course «Training of flight crews to fly with the use of area navigation (RNAV), performance-based (PBN)»

The training course is designed for two or three training days. At the request of the student, the course can be extended for one day to consolidate the knowledge obtained.

the purpose of this training course is for pilots (PPL, CPL, and ATPL) and navigators (FN) to learn the basics of RNAV zonal navigation, in order to obtain or confirm an instrument flight rating(IR) in light of the PBN (performance Based Navigation) concept, which combines and systematizes all pre-existing requirements for accuracy of zonal navigation (B-RNAV and P-RNAV).

The training course includes five training sections. Each section consists of educational text and visual material, a video and a block of control questions to check the assimilation of material in this section.

The goal of this theoretical training course is to make sure that as a result of the training, the crew members:

The concept of using zonal navigation served as the basis for the development of the requirements of the European Commission (Commission Regulation EU no. 1178/2011 and 2016/539) and EASA, requiring pilots with an IR »permit to pass a PBN (Performance Based Navigation) course at the ATO/FTO/TRTO Aviation training centers with theoretical training, simulator training and verification until August 25, 2020.

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