Last training center news

Last training center news

In the ASCC "SKY" continues the recruitment of students to study groups on the following types training

Theoretical element of training:

After the completion of these theoretical elements of the preparations, the corresponding practical elements of the preparations will be organized.

We make an additional set of listeners in the group for training from June 25 to June 27 under the Three-Day (18 hours) program "Training (advanced training) for the personnel of the engineering and technical staff for aviation security".

There is a constant recruitment in groups for training courses in aviation security. There are still vacant places for JUNE. Send your application to our email address with your contact phone number or fill out the application form for the course you are interested in in the Services » Training » Aviation Security section.

Simultaneously with the formation of groups, according to the timetable, we continue to accept applications for planning the following types of preparations:

The dates for the beginning of these types of training will be determined after the minimum number of applicants is reached.

Theoretical elements of training are held in the auditoriums of the ACTS "SKY" at the address: Kiev, Otradny Prospect, 18B. Practical elements of training are held at the international airport "Kharkiv".

For nonresident listeners, we can offer addresses and phone numbers of potential landlords:

  • for the period of the theoretical element of preparations - located in the area of our office;
  • for the period of carrying out the practical element of preparations-located in the area of the airport of Kharkov

For all students who are going through theoretical training, meals can be organized on request (lunch, dinner - home cooking).

All those who wish to join the composition of the forming groups, please submit relevant applications for e-mail: The application forms are on the main page of the site, in the tab: Services » Aviation Staff Training » Maintenance staff » Training and retraining for aircraft type.

Национальные консультации с разработки секторальных и кросс-секторальных экспортных стратегий Украины

Учебный центр "СКАЙ принял участие в Первых Национальных консультациях с разработки секторальных и кросс-секторальных экспортных стратегий Украины, 7-8 июня 2018, Киев, Украина

Национальные консультации