Training courses for pilots for flight navigation systems RVSM, PBN, PBN B-RNAV, LVO

At the Sky Aviation Center, pilots can take training courses in the following programs: RVSM, PBN, LVO.

Programs concern a one-time flight crew training for professionals who have a valid certificate of the pilot, navigating officer. Programs can be used to train specialists who have lost their certificate due to a break in the flight work for more than a specified period, which requires retraining and obtaining appropriate flight allowance.

Practical flight crew training about navigation systems in Ukraine

What are the features of different pilot training programs in the Sky Aviation Center?

  1. Flight crew training (theory) for operating flights on the routes B-RNAV using the methods of zonal navigation; flight crew training for flight in the RVSM space; flight crew training for flights using performance based navigation (PBN).

    This program has been developed in accordance with international and national documents that regulate the procedures and rules for operating flights in the specified airspace (zones) for the training of appropriate specialists from among the flight personnel performing flights in the indicated zones.

    Training to operate flights on the routes B-RNAV provides learning of the main provisions of the Manual on the required navigation performance (RNP), the rules and procedures of B-RNAV, requirements for aircraft equipment for operating flights in the B-RNAV system, qualification requirements for the crew in case of operating flights in the system B-RNAV, crew actions in case of failure of zone navigation equipment when operating flights in the B-RNAV system, flight planning in the system B-RNAV.

    Theory PBN, including RNAV 5, P-RNAV, RNAV 1, Basic RNP 1, RNP ARSN (NPA assumes familiarization with the general provisions of the ICAO documents, studying the requirements PBN, requirements for airspace and aircraft, requirements for accuracy, integrity, continuity of service, readiness (integrity prediction), monitoring performance and issuing warnings, a signal in the air space, requirements for the composition of navigation systems, requirements for functionality, GNSS requirements.

  2. Flight crew training program in the limited visibility LVO/LVTO.

    Flights in the limited visibility include take-offs with RVR visibility less than 400m, and landings in category CAT II/III. The qualification of the flight crew to operate flights in the conditions of limited visibility requires the training of the flight crew on the type of aircraft and knowledge of the procedures of the operator to operate flights. Each member of the flight crew must pass a training course and perform an in-flight training session of interaction with the crew in the limited flight visibility conditions.

  3. The program of the initial and periodic flight crew training in the field of human factors (CRM)

    The name СRМ - Crew Resource Management, quite fully reflects the content of the training course. Every word in the title is key one. Resources are all that the crew can control for safety and efficient flight. This program is based on international requirements. From the point of view of CRM, security resources are not only traditional: technology, regulatory and physical conditions of flight operation (meteorology, aerodynamics, flight rules), but also human (individual, group and social) elements of Aviation Transport System.

Pilot training in accordance with crew resource management system (CRM)

Arrangement and practical training for pilots on the simulators in Ukraine and abroad

Sky Aviation Center arranges not only theoretical training of high-level specialists. We also provide our students with simulator training. It is possible to pass training in Ukraine on an IL-76 simulator. In order to conduct training at the highest level, we have concluded contracts with foreign partners. We cooperate with training centers in Sofia, Riga, Prague, Vilnius, and Istanbul.

If you are interested in high-quality professional training for pilots - contact the Sky Aviation Center. We also provide the online training.

For training questions, please contact us by email: or by phone +38 044 337 17 18.