Training courses for pilots and training of cabin crew members (flight attendants) and aviation technical and engineering personnel on aviation security

The activities of civil aviation include many aspects that must be taken into account when working. Particular attention must be given to such a moment as aviation security. Aviation security is a complex of measures, as well as human and material resources, designed to protect civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference in its activities. Given the situation, which is now developing in the world, it is difficult to overestimate the importance of this type of training of aviation specialists. Training on the basis of training, methodological and reference materials is intended to support the necessary level of flight personnel knowledge in matters of aviation security in the preparation and implementation of flights, in the organization of appropriate actions of the crew to threaten or carry out acts of unlawful interference, and to familiarize the flight personnel with changes and additions in international and national regulatory documents on aviation security, with incidents related to aviation security, which matured held in civil aviation for the last time.

The basic principle of safety is the preventive work of all aviation units to prevent any acts of unlawful interference in the work of air transport.

Who needs to have an aviation security certificate?

Aviation personnel and personnel involved in aviation activities, whose work is directly related to aviation security, may be allowed to carry out such activities only if there are relevant aviation security documents issued by certified educational institutions.

The SKY Aviation Center offers a one-day course "Primary Training in Aviation Security" for personnel whose duties require you to stay in areas with restricted airport access without escort:

How are training courses for aviation security specialists conducted?

Aviation Center "Sky" provides training for pilots and cabin crew members, as well as engineering and technical personnel in the field of aviation security. At the end of the course, students receive certificates, which then provide an opportunity for further employment in the airline.

Training of trainees is carried out by qualified instructors who have practical skills in the field of aviation security and a certificate of an instructor in aviation security.

To create the most comfortable learning environment, the AC "Sky" also conducts on-site training. This means that when the application is received and as the training group is formed, the instructor can conduct the lesson at any convenient time on the basis of the customer, if the space provided meets the requirements for the training classes. Features of this training process are discussed individually with the instructor or other representative of the aviation center.

If you wish to receive not just a certificate of aviation security, but also knowledge that can then be implemented in practice - then please contact us. We are always happy to help you.

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone +38 044 337 17 18. Send the application for training to the specified e-mail.