CRM (Crew Resource Management) Pilot Training Courses

ICAO’s Human Factor policy is to recognize the scientific fact that a mistake is a natural by-product of human activity. Only a small percentage of errors are due to negligence and negligence. Its roots are in human nature, in non-optimal working conditions and in the organization of the Aviation Transport System, which is not sufficiently focused on optimizing human activity.

The concept of Crew Resource Management (CRM), based on the human factor, is a system of measures to improve safety and efficiency of flight through the correct use of human, technical and information resources, as well as improving the interaction, both in the crew and the crew with other system components. The name СRМ - Crew Resource Management, quite fully reflects the content of the training course. Every word in the title is key. Resources are all that the crew can control for safety and efficient flight.

CRM is a tool for the practical application of the principles of the human factor.

Managing all resources means: assessing the current state, anticipating a state change and taking measures to ensure the optimal state of all components of the Aviation Transport System: yourself, crew, aircraft, meteorological situation in the area where the aircraft are located, related services, information level and others. Many of these skills (for example, self-examination and assessment of the condition of crew members) do not relate to the qualities developed by the traditional system of professional training. In addition to a deep understanding of the features of their interaction, skills are needed to continuously account for their state and predict the impact on the possible development of a flight at each current time point. The main goal of CRM is to increase the communication and management skills of the flight crew member, non-technical aspects of the flight crew work. CRM belongs to the programs of additional professional education and is designed to conduct training courses for the civil aviation crew of Ukraine in the field of the human factor.

Unlike the Black Sea Fleet, CRM is a simplified but clear set of rules. And modern requirements for airline CRM can be formulated as follows:

Theoretical knowledge is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the development of CRM skills. The main teaching method is practice. One of the conditions for effective practice is its acquisition in real conditions of operation and, as a result, the need for joint training of personnel from different departments. CRM does not replace other types of professional training, but technical literacy alone is not enough to ensure efficient and safe flight operations. Integration of CRM into other types of professional training gives the best effect. Practical CRM skills are subject to qualification assessment.

CRM is not a one-off set of measures, but a continuous process of improvement and development, which needs an effective feedback system (monitoring and taking into account the results, opinions of the staff, the effectiveness of the training program and the practical needs of the airline).

Basic principles of CRM:

Crew Resource Management, considers CRM as a concept that ALL AIRCRAFT should adopt. To achieve the goal it is necessary to combine the efforts of all airline personnel. The aircraft commanders, senior flight attendants, all crew members - it is necessary to fully promote the implementation of these principles and apply them in practical flight work.

The most critical link in the safety chain is the flight crew (LE), whose activities are influenced by errors made in any link in the system.

The preventive approach to safety is based on the scientific principles of the Black Sea Fleet, including:

Departure from these requirements gives rise to circumstances causing errors. Attempts for any reason not to identify the main reason - the source of "repetition" of the tragedies.

The implementation of CRM provides, first of all, the training of personnel in effective methods of individual and joint professional activities in the style of a “one team”.

The basic course “Crew Resource Management, CRM) is a compulsory study for all crew members before they can start working and performing their duties in the aircraft cabin.

Periodic CRM is provided only after the initial training. Crew members must complete a new CRM course each year in order to complete a three-year training program.

Training is carried out in accordance with the requirements of airlines operators and operating procedures of the crew in various situations (full-time, emergency, emergency).

The program includes theoretical training in the form of lectures, discussions and analysis of various incidents and incidents related to the inappropriate actions of people, as well as practical sessions.